The future of living is all-electric

With an independent, cutting edge energy system, you’re all set for a fossil free future. Enjoy the modern luxury of independence. Upgrade to an e-home with THE FCTR E [pronounces “The Factory”].

Comfortable living in an e-home

A state-of-the-art energy system.

New luxury

New luxury

All-electric living is no longer a thing of the future. A heat pump supplies all the warmth your e-home needs, while solar panels generate all your electricity. You won’t need a gas connection anymore. Smart, clean and independent.

Constant comfort

Constant comfort

An e-home means comfortable living with all modern conveniences. The state-of-the-art energy system keeps your home at a steady temperature all year round. Stay warm in winter, cool in summer.

THE FCTR E membership

With our full-service solution, your e-home is within reach.

Fixed low costs

Affordable monthly fee

Creating your e-home without high upfront investments: it’s possible with a membership, and it will cost you no more than your current monthly energy bill. Instead you pay a fixed monthly fee and prevent rising energy prices.


All-inclusive service

We monitor the efficiency of your energy system all year round. Need any assistance? We are there for you 24/7. Whether it’s maintenance or cleaning activities—we will be on top of it. It is all included in your membership.

Future smart

State-of-the-art technology

The optimal operation of your energy system is our top priority. That’s why we only use proven technology and best quality brands. Like solar panels with the highest energy generation, or the most efficient heat pumps.


With our membership we pay less, we're one hundred percent fossil free and generate most of our own energy. That feels good. We didn’t think a house from 1903 could become an e-home, but it can be done.

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How we work


Quick Scan

We will check whether your home is ready to upgrade to an e-home. We will discuss your e-home’s design and give you insight into your new energy consumption, CO2 reduction and expected energy output.


Membership offer

We will inspect your home and finalise your e-home Design Plan. And calculate the membership fee that will allow you to make the most of your e-home.



As soon as you make the switch to your e-home, your membership starts. Our installation team ensures that all smart technology is seamlessly integrated into your home. All that’s left to do is to sit back and relax.

The smart way to your e-home

With THE FCTR E you enjoy all the benefits of an all-electric energy system.

Smart investment

Constant comfort


Future smart

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Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of a membership at THE FCTR E?

Your membership continues indefinitely. The monthly fee includes service guarantee.

Can I change my membership?

What happens to my membership if I move?

If you are selling your house, you can transfer your membership to the new owner free of charge.


Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, cancelling is possible after one year. You’ll be charged with an administrative fee and removal expenses.


Are there ways to get more out of my membership?

Yes, we offer several possible extensions for your membership. The mobility plan with a charging station for your electric car, for example. Or the backup plan, which allows you to store your own electricity in a home battery. We’re happy to advise you on which plan suits you best and to calculate your new membership fee.


Can I buy the devices once I start my membership?

Yes, that is possible after one year. You will then pay the purchase price minus the already paid instalments. We use a depreciation period of 15 years.

Why is it called a membership?

For us, an e-home is about more than just equipment. We stand for full-service. In addition to the equipment, your membership includes monitoring, maintenance, service and guarantees. To us, you are more than a customer: you are part of our community. Are there any new developments? Our members are the first to know. Together we drive the energy transition in a way that suits our homes and lifestyles.

How does the membership fee work?

How is the monthly fee calculated?

We put together a personalised plan for every e-home, which includes your heat pump, boiler tank and (optional) solar panels. This accounts for the main sum of your membership fee.


Your energy needs form the starting point. We take into consideration the quality of your home’s insulation and your current gas bill. But also the size of your family and the number of bathrooms, for example.


Based on your energy needs, we calculate the required capacity of your heat pump and the size of your future boiler tank. We also measure how many solar panels can fit on your roof. In other words: a complete all-electric plan, made to measure.


Is any additional energy included in the membership fee?

Unable to generate enough power yourself? No problem! We’ll estimate the additional fee you’ll pay to your energy company.


In most cases, your membership fee and additional energy bill turn out lower than your current energy bill.

The average THE FCTR E house has an energy consumption of 3.500m3 gas/ 3.920 kWh electricity. This comes to a monthly bill of € 310.


The THE FCTR E all-electric plan for this house would contain:

  • air/water heat pump – 16 kW
  • integrated boiler tank – 180 liters
  • solar panels – 16 units


This plan has a total net sales value of € 23,500 (including VAT, deduction of any subsidies and standard installation costs).


The monthly membership fee of this plan comes to € 180 per month (including standard installation costs, service guarantee and 5% interest). The estimated additional energy bill is € 106. The total sum is € 286 per month.


Take the first step towards your membership

With the Quick Scan, we check whether your house is ready to make the switch to an e-home. See what your membership could look like.
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