That’s why Wendy chose THE FCTR E

by admin on October 30, 2017

Wendy and her husband Koen are among our first customers. Thanks to busy jobs and a family of five, their lives are all but quiet. Living in a comfortable home is therefore no unnecessary luxury.

How did you come up with the idea of an e-home?

‘When we bought our house, we insulated everything very well and put in floor heating. Now that we are remodeling the garage into a garage annex and guest room, we thought it was a great time to see if we could take even more steps. And we wanted to make our home ready for the future, because we hear more and more in the news that we need to find an alternative for gas heating.’

So, it is mainly about the future for you?

‘Yes, and of course you want to invest in building the value of your house. If you’re remodeling anyway, it’s better to do it right in one go. We already have a charging station in front of the house. Since we have a hybrid car, we are increasingly looking at where things are going in the future. If something is clever and convenient, we are often the first to try it.’

What will happen to your house?

‘We have chosen an all-electric package with a heat pump, a hot water storage and solar panels. This makes us 100% independent of gas and we generate a large proportion of our power ourselves. We want everything to be installed by Christmas. To make a house built in 1903 an e-home: we didn’t think it was possible. But it can be done.’


‘THE FCTR guides you through the entire process, from planning to realization, including the financial overview. We are also thrilled with the personal approach. It’s clear that these men have experienced themselves how complicated it is to turn your home into an e-home, so they know exactly what to look out for. They don’t speak in technical terms, but translate everything into clear choices that fit your needs.’

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