THE FCTR E / ZON secures new investment of 10 million euros

26 October 2020

Rinkelberg Capital Ltd invests further in scaleup that accelerates the energy transition.

Amsterdam, October 22, 2020

The Amsterdam-based THE FCTR E / ZON, which makes fossil-free living accessible to everyone, has secured a new investment of 10 million euros. Rinkelberg capital, the London-based investment office which previously invested 4 million euros in this innovative scale-up, is now contributing to the next phase of growth with a second round of investment in order to accelerate the energy transition and take it international.

Sustainable financing service

Based in an old gas factory in northern Amsterdam, the more than fifty energy experts at THE FCTR E / ZON are making it easy and affordable for homeowners to convert their homes to be more sustainable. With their sustainable solution, which THE FCTR E / ZON founders refer to as “smart ownership,” homeowners no longer have to personally invest in devices such as heat pumps, solar panels, batteries and charging stations. All the equipment is installed and maintained for a fixed monthly fee. The success of the company’s sustainable financing service is evident from both the thousands of Dutch households who are now customers of the scheme and the strong interest from international and national investors in THE FCTR E / ZON’s approach and solution.

Accelerating the energy transition

Rinkelberg Capital believes that, in addition to THE FCTR E / ZON’s sustainable financing service, the company can make an important contribution to accelerating the energy transition.

Marc Slendebroek, CEO of Rinkelberg Capital: “At Rinkelberg Capital, we want to assist innovative and sustainable start-ups and scaleups at an early stage with funding and support. We have been closely involved with the company from day one and have seen that THE FCTR E / ZON’s vision and approach are successful, but above all that the company is making a real contribution to accelerating the energy transition in a scalable way. The foundations have been laid, now it’s time to take the next step which is further professionalizing and expanding in the Netherlands and internationally. Given the growth ambitions and the founders’ experience with such international expansion, we are delighted to be able to work together to build a strong foundation for a sustainable future.”

Making your home more sustainable does not have to be complicated or expensive

Joris Jonker, inventor of the smart thermostat Toon and one of the founders of THE FCTR E / ZON, explains the investment: “I consider it a huge compliment that Rinkelberg Capital has such confidence in our approach. This capital injection enables us to grow faster and to introduce innovations that have proved challenging in the market in the past. Over the last three years, we have been proving to Dutch builders and consumers that it need not be complicated or expensive to invest in sustainable solutions such as heat pumps. We are really looking forward to rolling this out to the rest of Europe.”

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