The new luxury of an e-home

30 October 2017

Zero-on-the-meter, energy-neutral and a home without gas connection. It’s a shame to express so minimally such a positive way of living. It’s time for change: we would rather talk about e-home. Here we explain why.

Step into the future

With an e-home, you step into the future. It's a new form of luxury, that doesn’t require you to sacrifice anything. An e-home is an all-electric home that offers maximum living comfort. From the outside, it still looks like a house, but from within it's a smart power plant. You enjoy direct comfort in your home, while knowing that your own power plant is working for you continuously.

A flexible roadmap

By making your home all-electric or removing the gas connection, you have already taken the first step towards making your home an e-home. After that you can take the next step and generate as much energy as possible with solar panels. In the final step, we adjust your e-home based on the latest developments and your wishes. Think of a charging station for an electric car, or a home battery where you store your own energy.

I am convinced that with the new luxury of an e-home as a modern lifestyle, more people want to make their homes future smart. And because of that, the energy transition will accelerate.

Always ready and up-to-date

You can see an e-home as a home that you can keep upgrading and improving. Of course, that’s not something you need to do on your own. From design and installation to maintenance and innovation, we manage it all. We select the best products, install them and continuously keep an eye on things. Is there a new product on the market that could contribute to your e-home? Then you’ll know about it too, and together we will ensure that it is installed.

Comfortable living with all the convenience of the future - in a house that is fully equipped with the smartest technology and is always working for you while ensuring its value increases. Who wouldn’t want that?

Jan-Willem van Wensem

Founder & CCO

Building brands consumers love is in Jan-Willem’s DNA. With over 20 years of experience at consumer brands like Heineken he always puts the customer first.

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